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Shrimp Wrapped In Bacon

Prep Time:
10 minutes
Cook Time:
10-15 minutes


1/3 Pound Shrimp (Raw Peeled & Deveined 21/25)
Sliced Bacon, Raw
Brooks' Original Bar-B-Q Sauce


1. Preheat grill at high and then turn back to medium to medium high when ready to start grilling.

2. Pat shrimp dry. 

3. Wrap each piece with one slice of bacon and secure with one toothpick.

4. Place shrimp on the grill and frequently turn to prevent flare ups. 

5. Once the shrimp begins to turn opaque and the bacon crispy, generously brush on Brooks' Original Bar-B-Q Sauce.

6. Continuously turn to prevent burning and once a nice glaze has formed, remove from grill.

  • Be sure to remind your guests that there is one toothpick in each shrimp as the ends of the toothpick will darken up making it difficult to notice.

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