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Rave Reviews

I worked for Brooks' several years ago. They are great people to work for. I moved to Florida for several years and went there every time I came back for a visit. Always great food and great service. I now live in Stony Creek, NY. Whenever I go to Oneonta, I stop. I was there this Friday and the food was a great as always, service was great. It is the best place to eat in town. Will see you again soon. -- A Satisfied Customer

I was in to pick up a takeout order sometime in October 2014. I placed an order for five people. I walked out with three out of my five orders never realizing it. I placed a call to Brooks' and they apologized and said they would have the additional order ready when I came back. Someone on the wait staff there called and offered to meet me halfway to bring the rest of the order. Well, they did one better and met more than halfway to bring me my delicious food. Not many establishments would have done that. They are the best restaurant in town and kudos to them for their customer service!!!!!!!! -- Lori O.

Traveling from PA to Lake George, NY with our son and his family. They introduced us to your restaurant and what a great experience. The service was excellent and the food was the best. My husband and I made it a point to stop there on our return trip. Only wish that we lived closer. -- Linda Smith

My husband and I was on vacation Upstate and asked 'where is a good place to eat'. The response was Brooks'. We'll let me tell you it was the best BBQ I ever had! Can't wait to go back! -- Diane Burke

Recently I had the opportunity to try Brooks' famous Bar-B-Q Ribs...... It ruined me...... They are so freaking good. Now, no other ribs will ever compare. I also hid some of the ribs in the "way back" part of our fridge in the hopes my wife wouldn't find it. She found them. She ate them. Looks like I'm heading back to Brooks. Next time I am going to hide them in the produce compartment. She will never find them there.... You Guys Rock! -- Steven Donnelly

I was in a local supermarket here in the Binghamton, NY area and decided to try your spiedie marinade as it has neither high fructose corn syrup nor MSG both of which I avoid due to health issues and which both of which are in our locally made brands. I let some cut up chicken marinate overnight wow, it came off the grill so tasty. Will recommend it to friends and family, hope to get up your way soon for some good BBQ. -- Kevin Johnston

Grew up in upstate New York and always loved going to Brooks BBQ when we traveled Rte 88 to the north country. We now live in Florida and still enjoy your great chicken taste when we use your sauce that we order by the case thanks for such great memories and a great family restaurant. -- The Knights of Florida

Brooks' has such great food and great workers! The owner and workers are very friendly and helpful with everything! It's unfortunate that I have graduated college and now live four hours away! -- Shannon Lange

A patient recently shared some of your yummy food and sauce with the nursing staff here at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital. Thank you for sending enough for all of us. The ribs were absolutely outrageous! Please open a store down here so we can have your great food all the time. Thanks again from all of us here in the CCU. -- Melissa, RN

It was the first time my family and I were in the Oneonta area and we were in the mood for BBQ. Brooks' was there for us, yum! We had the most amazing ribs and chicken. The flavors were incredible. Loved the sauces! We bought a supply of BBQ sauce, hot sauce, chick marinade, and chick rub for us to take home with us after the meal and we'll be back to visit you online store for more. Looking forward to a trip back one day! Thank you for awesome BBQ! -- The Hintz Family

I just received an order of sauces and rubs from Brooks and I just want to say how easy the ordering process was...and the order arrived well packed within a few days..Kudos for a job well done! Can't wait to start cooking with the sauces...Thanks again... another satisfied Brooks' customer. -- Barbara Cully

My husband is from the area and has raved about your chicken over the years. He drives a semi and is in the area a lot and always stops to eat at Brooks', which is nice that he loves something so much plus the memories of Brooks' from when he was a kid (52 now). Well, finally I travelled with him this time from our home state of Illinois, and ate at Brooks' also. I couldn't decide what to have so I ordered the Sampler and everything was fantastic...it lived up to its rave reviews from my husband. It is now both his and MY favorite place to eat! The personal touches were great too...hand towels, candied apples, etc. The strawberry shortcake was out of this world...tasted like my mom used to make. Love Brooks! -- Lisa Barten

Brooks' BBQ is the real deal!!!! It is one of the few places were you can get "home cooked meal" and not break the bank. The Brooks family and staff real enjoy what they do and it shows. I've been coming to Brooks since 2007 and can eat there everyday. Keep up they awesome job and thank you for always making my family feel at home with yours. -- The Maresca Family

My husband and I had our wedding at your Banquet Hall back in September 2009 and we cannot say enough great things about our experience. The food was, as it always is, absolutely delicious!! The staff was great and the view was beautiful as well. Our guests enjoyed themselves and the relaxing, laid back environment. Our friends and family to this day rave about our special day. We have since moved to St. Louis, MO but make it our tradition to make a yearly trip cross country to visit. Thank you so much! -- Mark & Ashley Sanderson

What can I say...I just LOVE Brooks' and, I also cannot get enough of your coleslaw...my favorite other than the chicken! And, I would also like to say thank you to you for helping out Schoharie in light of the recent flooding! It was so nice of you to come and help out! Thank you... -- Carol Mackey

Just watched the news and I have to applaud your effort to have a chicken bbq in schoharie. After all the devastation that has occurred in the area, it is so uplifting to see someone come to the forefront and help others out. (Hearty clapping) congrats to you and thank you. Hope if the need is ever there, you receive your kindness back tenfold. -- Anonymous

Rachael Ray wasn't kidding when she said this place was great! My family and I can't wait to get back!!!! -- Valerie Kosta

Every time I get back to Oneonta, Brooks' is my second place I go; my first place is my parents house. I tell everyone that if they go to Cooperstown, to make a trip to Oneonta and go to the Brooks' House of Barbecue. It is the best chicken in the area. I grew up eating that chicken and as long as you're around, I will always come back for more! -- Mark Balbuena

Hello my old friends, Wow! imagine my surprise when the sauce I ordered yesterday morning arrived on my front porch this morning! Brooks' sauce is comfort food for me as well as the best BBQ ever. Having been raised on Brooks', sadly all other BBQ is ruined for me. Friends and neighbors always rave about this BBQ or that one and I am never satisfied, none compare to Brooks'. I am, again, so pleased that I can order here. It has become our tradition to serve your original sauce on pulled pork whenever we have guests - even those who want sauce on the side thinking they don't want any end up pouring it on and I run to get more from the pot heating on the stove. Thank you for your continued dedication and service. -- Laurena (Wickham) Will

I have been listening to my husband rave about Brooks' bbq for many years, finally on our way home to Virginia we stopped and had dinner. The food was worth the trip. Enjoyed the food so much we bought the sauce to take home. Thanks for the best bbq meal ever!! -- The VanBumble Family

I have been joining with my family at Brooks' since before I was eye level with the barrel of licorice "coal" that was next to the exit (one of my favorite parts of the experience at the time.) I grew up, moved away and returned, and have resumed the practice of weekly family get-togethers in your dining room. The simple excellence in the quality of the food is consistent and in a league by itself. We rarely alter our order away from the chicken dinner! My compliments to you all. Thanks for being a solid part of our family. -- Deb Vaughan

Hey Brooks' BBQ!! We subscribe to Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine and noticed you were on page 180! Wow!! We are going to be there this summer with our team and can't wait to stop in and eat the BEST BBQ Chicken!!! It has been a few years since we have been there and we are counting the days! (By the way, please open a Brooks' down here!) -- Rebecca from North Carolina

Hello!! I grew up in the area -- and Brooks' BBQ was one place we ate at often. I am currently enlisted in the US Army and am stationed in San Antonio, TX working as a medic in the hospital. One thing that makes me sooooo home sick is the memory of Brooks'. Tx is know for their BBQ, and they think they are the best. I brought a friend back home (a native of Tx) for a visit and we took him to Brooks'. He did not believe me that NY could produce good BBQ, but when he finished he stated that it was the best BBQ chicken he had ever had!! I so wish that Brooks' could come to Tx, or Iraq cause i know it would pump up the soliders....good food from home always does! Thank you so much for ALWAYS being great! Thinking of Brooks' makes the hard times ok. Thanks again!! -- Kimberlee Ceballos

"The stuff dreams are made of".....yes, that GOOOOOOOOD!!! -- Christine Maresca

We had two hungry high school baseball teams in the banquet room on Friday, May 1, and they enjoyed every minute of it! It was the most outstanding barbeque food I have ever eaten. The players, coaches, and parents were very impressed with the efficiency of the operation, and the quality of the food. Great job. -- Ken Reed, Assistant Baseball Coach, Danbury (CT) High School.

Even though it is a few years later, I just want to say that while we were vacationing near Speculator, NY, in summer, 2004, Brooks' put on a BBQ with a local community group in Speculator, sometime around mid July or so. The pork ribs I had that day WERE THE BEST PORK RIBS I HAVE EVER HAD. I have never forgotten them. They were perfect--Supreme, even. Brooks chicken is so good that I hadn't had the ribs up until that day. Now, I realize----Brooks pork ribs are just as good as your chicken!! Brooks rules!! -- Don Lockman

Just received my package of marinade, bbq sauce, cooking dipping and rub in the mail from my Dear Friends Bill and Nancy Lyker.. Best present in the whole world and delivered with no damage. I don't miss the snow in NY but I do miss the Brooks' BBQ. Thanks! -- Judy Tamir, SC

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff at Brooks' House of Bar-B-Q for hosting a very successful Chicken BBQ dinner fundraiser for the M-E Field Hockey Booster Club. Your catering staff was wonderful. We have had only positive feedback from everyone who purchased a dinner. The chicken was DELICIOUS. Some customers have claimed it was the best BBQ chicken they have ever had.!!!I can not thank you enough - please plan to host another fundraiser for us next year!!! I will be in touch. Thanks again! -- Lorin

I just wanted to tell you that I have grown up around your sauces and they are wonderful! I moved to Colorado 7 years ago. I visit my mom in Sidney NY and I always have to bring some sauce back with me! And now I have found your website so I can order your sauces any time I want it! Thank you so much for all your families hard work! -- Diana, Brighton, CO

I am very impressed with your response time, by the way - I had four emails and a phone message waiting for me within a day of sending in my question. Great chicken, great customer service. Thanks! -- Becky

Thank you for taking the time to check on the order. It was very nice of you to call to make sure of the menu. The personal touch by the owner does make a difference to the customer. The food was excellent! Many compliments were made on the chicken. My highest recommendation goes to you and your company. Take care. -- Bob

You have the best BBQ Sauce I've ever tasted. We will absolutely be ordering more. I can't wait to take it down to the Raymond Fire Station so everyone else can enjoy it too. Thanks!! -- BDS

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am at the service we received yesterday in your catering hall. We were having my daughters baby shower there and the event went off beautifully. The waiter and waitress did a simply fantastic job and were very pleasant and helpful. Thank you very much for a great afternoon. -- Eileen

Graduated from Oneonta in 1983! Have never found a place even close to your quality of food since. I live in Las Vegas and you guys would own this town. Thanks! -- Jeff

Just wanted to let you know what a marvelous success our 50th Reunion was. The crew you sent were a pleasure. They did their work so professionally and it made that aspect of the day completely worry free. Everything went without a hitch. Everyone loved the food. You guys run a GREAT business and should be very proud. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the crew and to Ryan. -- Risa

Brooks' is my Graceland!! I live in TX and try to get Brooks' every time I come up for a visit! There is nothing like eating at the restaurant! I also smuggle bottles of Brooks' into Texas so I can it year round!! How do you make the french fries? Can you deliver warm Brooks' to TX? -- Anonymous

I've had plenty of BBQ sauces... but your takes the cake -- or should I say the rib. Very,very good. -- Anthony

Last night I drove all the way from Albany on the coldest night of the year to dine at your restaurant. Per usual it was a wonderful experience. If you could do the same thing in the Albany area it would be huge ! -- Anonymous

Amazing!! You prepared a "take out" dinner for 90 people for our picnic-style wedding this past Saturday. From the folks who set up the order by phone to the fantastic way in which it was all prepared and packed up for pick up it could not have been better! You made for an easy and hassle-free way for us to enjoy our wedding day even though we did all of the set up work (with a little help from our friends) Oh by the way the meal itself was outrageously good!! We received tons of compliments on your great chicken, pulled pork and salads. When "those in the know" saw your boxes prior to the ceremony they became way more excited about our "picnic-stlye wedding!! Thanks so much for playing such an important part in a great day for all and proving once again that Brooks Is The Best!! -- Al and Debbie Arotsky

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